Giddha Sansaar

Giddha Sansaar was founded in 2009 by Jagdis Kumar. The team are a vibrant and eclectic mix of young women who have a vivacious appetite for the traditional Punjabi art they represent – Giddha.

In their relatively short history, Giddha Sansaar have already delivered many high profile performances across the country and abroad. Their vibrant, energetic and engaging performances are already making shock-waves in the performing arts world. They recently completed a  ’Creative Leaps’ project, which saw them create a fusion dance piece using Salsa, Hip-Hop and Giddha.

Giddha Sansaar hope to take the traditional art form of Giddha to multicultural audiences with influences from genres of dance around the globe. Their vibrant and energetic enthusiasm will ensure their vision is realised in its entirety.

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