Mehndi Art


Mehndi is better known to the western world as Henna. This tropical plant derivative is applied to the skin to leave a dark coloured stain, which can last for several weeks. This age old tradition has been applied for thousands of years in India, Africa and the Middle East.

In the Punjab Mehndi is mostly used during weddings to decorate the hands and feet of the bride and other members of the family. There are many folklore stories that surround the tradition of Mehndi. It is believed that the darker the stain of the Mehndi on a brides hands and feet,  the deeper her grooms love for her. Others say the darker the colour the deeper the love from the mother-in-law!


Traditional Mehndi designs have always been quite basic and simple, but today’s designs are very intricate and bridal Mehndi can sometimes take hours to apply. Many people use Mehndi or Henna as temporary tattoo’s, they can last up to 2 weeks and with the aid of other dye’s a black colour can be achieved, making modern Henna Tattoo’s look like the real thing.

The beautiful art of Mehndi has endured over the centuries and as many fashions have come and gone, it would seem the art of Mehndi has stood the test of time, and will continue to do so for years to come.

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