Bhangra Music


Punjabi folk music is one of the oldest forms of music to have come from the Asian subcontinent of India. The roots of Punjabi folk music lie deep within the ‘land of five rivers’. The people of Punjab have always been intertwined with its rich history, culture and tradition. From very humble beginnings the raw and minimalist sound of Punjabi folk music has transcended over the centuries and its influences can now be found in fusion music across the world. The rhythmic heart pounding beats of the ‘Dhol’ blended with the mesmerising melodies of instruments such as the ‘Vanjali’, ‘Algozey’, and ‘Tumbi’ create a very powerful uplifting style of music, that entices ones inner soul to express the feelings of joy and happiness.

While famous Punjabi artists like Kuldip Manak and Gurdas Maan have continued to popularise the music both at home and abroad, British Asian artists such as Punjabi MC and Dr Zeus have taken their influences from traditional Bhangra music and fused it with more modern styles of Hip-hip, Reggae and R&B to create a unique brand of fusion music. Influences from Bhangra can be found in many hits from famous artists such as UB40, Anastasia, Missy Elliot, Kelly Roland, Dr Dre and Timberland. This has affirmed Bhangra music as a truly universal genre.

Dance Sansaar are actively working to keep Bhangra music at the forefront of the British Asian music scene.

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