Project outline

Lawk Naach Project Outline

Dance Sansaar are proud to be part of the ‘Dancing for the Games’ programme for London2012. Our aim through the ‘Lawk Naach’ project is to reach all communities of the West Midlands, through a series of interactive discovery workshops and online resources. The focus of this project will be two of the most popular dance forms of Lawk Naach; Bhangra and Giddha.

The project will create a legacy of Lawk Naach in the region, to be sustained and continued after London 2012 through a network of organisations and online resources. These resources will enable anyone to learn Punjabi Lawk Naach remotely and increase their understanding of Punjabi culture.

The project will be delivered through three core stages, which will be supported by free resources available through various mediums:

  • A train the trainer programme for 10-12 artists throughout the region.
  • Discovery workshops delivered to approximately 24,000 people.
  • A dedicated finale event with a performance of 2012 ‘people dancing’.

Dance Sansaar and partner organisations will work together to enhance the lives and learning experiences of the communities in our region. Our ‘Lawk Naach’ project will bring Lawk Naach to the forefront and help promote it as a enjoyable, engaging and entertaining art form, which can be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

The project will entail initial discovery workshops leading to more advanced classes where participants will be taught a short choreographed routine. We will aim to have 2012 people performing the routine at a dedicated event which will mark the finale of the project and the lead up to the 2012 Olympic Games.

Participants of this project will gain a sense of personal development, as they journey towards London 2012. They will go from a point of little or no knowledge about a genre of dance, and through hard work and dedication, reach a point where they are able to showcase their newly
acquired art form on a local, national and international stage. The finale event will see ‘Lawk Naach Teams’ from all over the West Midlands coming together in Birmingham to celebrate their amazing journey to the London 2012 games.

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