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Jag Kumar – Artistic Director

Jag Kumar is one of the founder members of Nachda Sansaar Bhangra Dancers. He has always been fascinated by dance and the first time he saw Bhangra was at the age of five, when he first traveled to the Punjab (India) with his grandparents. Jag’s first experience of participating in dance was at the age of eight, when he became a member of the Irish dance team at his primary school. He has always been very proud of this achievement and still has the original certificate he received.

Jag’s previous employment involved him delivering training and CPD to colleagues within the organisation. He has taken these skills, and is now delivering Bhangra to educational and corporate establishments throughout the UK. This has given Jag the opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with children, teachers and adults from all cultural backgrounds and abilities.

Jag has also got a lot of experience working with children who have Special Educational Needs. He has worked in many schools that have SEN pupils including Fox Hollies School, in Birmingham. He worked there as a residential artist and supported the children to produce a Bhangra/Bollywood dance routine for their Christmas Production.

Jag has also worked with various storytellers using dance techniques to illustrate stories visually. This has added a new dimension to the way he delivers dance workshops, particularly to children at key stage 1, parents and toddlers in children’s centres.

Jag also offers the following services to teams of staff:

• Team building

• Developing soft management skills

• Delivering interactive workshops to teachers on training days

• Mentor/Coach

Jag is very professional, passionate and is very keen to promote the Performing Arts and Community Cohesion.

Jag believes learning is a two way process where both a teacher and student have mutual respect and understanding for each other      

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Harvi Malhi – Development and Project Manager


Harvi has been a part of the Dance Sansaar team since it’s inception in 2005. His commitment and dedication to the organisation has seen it develop from a small operation, to a bona fide arts organisation, which was responsible for delivering the largest dance project ever seen in our region, as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Utilising his business and marketing background, coupled with his dedication to promoting cultural diversity, Harvi was able to propel the organisation to a level where it was widely regarded as one of the leading cultural workshop providers for the education sector.

As an artist, Harvi has been involved in Punjabi Folk arts since he was a teenager. His passion for the cultural heritage of his forefathers, transcends in every aspect of his performance, both on the stage and in the office.

Harvi has been involved in many high profile performances and productions on a national and international level. He has been delivering dance and music workshops for many years, and has built a reputation for delivering memorable, effective and enjoyable workshops to the highest standard. His enthusiasm and passion for the art of Bhangra shines through in every workshop he delivers.

Harvi believes that music and dance brings people together and that we can enhance learning experiences by making them fun and accessible to everyone. He is an invaluable member of the team and we are proud to have him on board.

Harvi is currently touring in Australia……

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Anil Banger – Music


Anil is a talented artist who has an excellent understanding of a variety of musical instruments including percussion, wind and string. He has been a member of the British Asian music industry for over 10 years. During this time he has collaborated with many artists on a production and performance level. He has experience in working with children and adults of all ages and has a particular aptitude for working with children with special educational needs.

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Rhenu Bhagotra – Visual Artistry

Rhenu has been a part of Dance Sansaar since 2011. She started her journey as our administrator for the Lawk Naach project, which was a part of the ‘Dancing for the Games’ London project in 2012. Since then she has built upon many of her existing skills and varied from video editing tasks to delivering workshops. She currently specialises in visual artistry workshops (Rangoli, Mendhi – Henna) and focuses on large-scale collaborative work with students whilst exploring creativity and mixed material work. Rhenu is also one of the members of our performing team Giddha Sansaar and is passionate about empowering ALL women to work together to lose negativity and gain positivity. She believes dance has the ability to do this and has delivered workshops outside of the UK in Cyprus, Austria and Sweden.

Lastly, Rhenu enjoys working with children and values the importance of music and dance for children’s emotional, physical, cognitive and social development to name but a few. She feels that education should be a fun, inclusive and interactive experience and invites more children, families and members of the community to come and experience Lawk Naach with us!


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