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Lawk Naach Finale!

The Lawk Naach finale event brought together over 2,000 people from across the West Midlands in celebration of the achievements delivered through this amazing project. Having engaged well over 24,000 people directly in dance discovery workshops, the Lawk Naach Project has affirmed its position as the largest dance project the West Midlands has ever seen. This Cultural Olympiad funded project has enabled people from all backgrounds to access Punjabi culture through Bhangra and Giddha dance workshops, these workshops were delivered by our dedicated team of Lawk Naach artists, whose enthusiasm and team spirit encapsulates the ethos of the whole project.The Lawk Naach Finale event was an hour long showcase of Punjabi Folk Arts, which was hosted by Punjabi singer Shin from one of the UK’s biggest Bhangra bands DCS. The whole show got underway with a ‘wake and shake’ from our little stars at Coalmoor Primary school, who travelled all the way from Shropshire to get the crowd started on the final leg of their Lawk Naach journey.

Participants and spectators were left in awe as they were entertained by performances from the ever growing Sansaar family. Nachda Sansaar started the show with a performance of traditional Bhangra, which was accompanied by live vocals and music. Giddha Sansaar then showed their unique flavour of Giddha dance, creating a spectacular performance with 11 dancers, vibrant costumes and animating props. Sansaar Juniors entertained the audience with a performance of Bhangra to pre-recorded music, the dancers showed their youth and vibrancy while still remaining true to the traditional form of this enduring Lawk Naach.Dhol Sansaar then graced the stage for their debut performance, this team of young Dholi’s (the youngest being only 4 years old) wowed the audience with their rhythmic routine using Dhol drums. Punjabi singing sensation Anil Banger gave the audience a rendition of his latest hit single Patandra,  which hit number 1 on the official Asian download chart on the very same day,  this performance was enhanced with dancers from Nachda Sansaar and Giddha Sansaar. Dance Sansaar presented the final act on stage and they performed a theatrical dance piece called Lawk Naach, using Bhangra and Giddha to tell the story of the Punjabi Harvest. The lyrics, vocals  and music composition for this piece were created specifically by renowned Punjabi artist Rai Kalsi and the dance was choreographed by Jag Kumar.

Our local sports and healthy lifestyle ambassador Dave Heeley (also known as Blind Dave), said a few words to inspire the participants minutes before he joined the latest edition to the Sansaar family – Team Lawk Naach. They took their place centre stage to deliver the most spectacular performance the West Midlands has seen in celebration of London 2012 and the Torch Relay. Over 2,000 members of Team Lawk Naach joined the Sansaar family in an amazing and truly unique performance of Lawk Naach. Never before has the West Midlands seen so many people from a diverse background come together to dance the same routine, in the same place, at the same time! Although we had over 2,000 people present, there were actually 1,779 registered participants, therefore we did not qualify for the Largest Bhangra dance world record. We did also put a submission in for the largest Bhangra and Giddha dance, but Guinness have confirmed they do not recognize dances with mixed styles. As a result a Guinness World Record evades us, for now…

 The Lawk Naach Project was Inspired by London 2012 and the Olympic and Paralympic values of Respect, Excellence, Friendship, Courage, Determination, Inspiration and Equality. ALL of these values were at the heart of this once in a lifetime experience and they were all very much present during the amazing spectacle of the Lawk Naach Finale performance shared by each member of Team Lawk Naach.

The Lawk Naach project would not have been possible without the passion, support and commitment of every single person who’s life was touched by this amazing experience. We have all helped to realise a dream and affirm the ethos that ‘dance is a vehicle, which unites people and breaks down barriers’. Lawk Naach was a celebration of community spirit and the multi-cultural society we all live in today.

We are currently working on a documentary film to showcase this amazing project in its entirety. If you have any pictures, video’s or would like to contribute to this with an interview please contact us on media@dancesansaar.com – your contribution to the film would be much appreciated and will hopefully capture the essence of community spirit Lawk Naach represents.

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