Dancing for the Games

Captain Hereford talks about our visit to the Malvern Hills!

Meet the captain for Team Hereford!

Being the leader of team Hereford for the Lawk Naach project and the chance to dance on top of the wonderful Malvern Hills both in mind, I jumped at the chance to be involved in filming with Marie Lou (team worcester) and the dance sansaar team as part of the finale video on Sunday. (We also got a sneak preview of the amazing music!)

So we all set out ready to put the Bhangra movements to script and film in rather windy and wild weather, wondering if we would be heard- Luckily, jam packed with all equipment needed Dance Sansaar team had it covered. Costume was quickly re-thought as what started off me braving the 100 mile an hour winds with bare arms quickly turned to thick hoodies of different colours with smart Lawk Naach tshirts squeezed on top! (due to the fact the wind was FREEZING and in Kirans words ‘burning my face!)’ Following many out takes including me getting my left and right mixed up X 5 (mirroring is harder than you think when filming on top of a windy mountain!!), Re-positioning of dancers and Hoodie hoods X 3 and Rhenu almost being blown off her feet, we finally got the takes Harvi was happy with and then the sun came out and we had a Bhangra/Giddha Jam! Wonderful morning with such a fun team- looking forward to the finished product (with no snivels from the cold or squinting from the sun). Thanks for another great experience Dance Sansaar.

Janene Wyatt
Lead Dance Artist for Herefordshire, Lawk Naach

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