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AnchorCert and Harvey Nichols 10th Anniversary

Celebrating with the Celebrities!As we celebrated AnchorCert’s and Harvey Nichols 10th anniversary, the handmade 10th birthday cake made with edible diamonds wasn’t the only set of diamonds in store, as surprise visits from James Corden, from the very popular Gavin and Stacey and one of the very talented groups from UK’s talented – One direction filled the store with more positive energy than it already had!

As our Dance Sansaar team invited guests and workers in the store to enjoy Anil and Sunil’s famous Dhol beats, James Corden and the One direction boys danced away and celebrated the anniversary with a performance of their own. Staff members and guests were astonished as they experienced the lively atmosphere and soon couldn’t help but join in. Also at the event were guests including the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, BBC Midlands Today presenter Suzanne Verdi who was Cinderella for the night and wore the luxurious solid gold and diamond encrusted stiletto shoes worth £100,000 and councillor Anita Ward to name but a few. Soon after many inspiring and influential speeches we performed a collaborative routine of Bhangra and Bollywood moves, to a great group of cheery guests, an experience I certainly won’t be forgetting! However what made this audience even better was that before our routine was complete they were all set and ready to have a go! Everyone from special guests to staff members were taking part in our Lawk Naach workshop, building up an appetite before we indulged ourself into that luxurious cake! It was a great evening which embraced the culture and inspiring people of Birmingham! We would like to thank Penny Parkes for inviting us to be a part of  the celebrations of their exceptional milestone.

Take a look at the teaser video!


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  1. Wow! What a great evening!! Not only did we meet James Corden and One Direction but we had them doing some Bhangra too! It was absolutely fantastic, a moment to tell the grand children in years to come!!

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