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Artsfest Birmingham 2011

Birmingham City Centre came to life this weekend and we were fortunate enough to be a part of it. Artsfest filled the streets and the whole city with excitement and an on going buzz. There was something magical about the event, smiles all around and personally I think outdoor events that are open to everyone just have a completely different feel to them. Just walking through the city centre to Chamberlain Square and we had passed artists, workshops, live bands, performances and so much more. Our performance and workshop certainly turned a few heads and we got Birmingham dancing! Jag delivered a taster of the Lawk Naach workshop as part of our ‘Dancing for the Games’ project as Anil played the Dhol while myself and Kiran did a short Giddha performance. 


Harvi had the fun job of running around recording, taking photos, AND handing out flyers. (Definately got it easy there) Roughly 200-300 people were engaging with us, from taking part in the workshop to standing right at the top of the stairs moving their shoulders and chanting our favourite ‘HOI’ with us! Our journey to 2012 has begun and it is going to be such a exciting time for us all. It was a delight seeing everyone in Birmingham get together, people of different ages, backgrounds, professions and participate in our Lawk Naach ‘Dancing for the Games’ project.



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