Hodge Hill Summer School (2nd Year)

Project venue: Hodge Hill Sports and Enterprise College

Website link:
Contact at school:
Project outline: Deliver Bhangra music and dance workshops during the week and deliver a performance piece at the end.

Artist: Harvi & Jag

Jag and I have been working with 3 groups with around 18 students in each group. We have looked at Bhangra dance, Bollywood dance and learned to play rhythms on the Dhol. The activities are a part of the summer school programme and were organised by Octoplus and facilitated by Sound Futures.

The week has gone very well and the student have been exemplary! There has been a very positive vibe throughout the week and a real sense of cohesion from everyone involved; including the facilitators, support staff, co-ordinators and participants. The students we worked with range from 8 years old to 11 years old, they have picked up the rhythms and dance movements at a steady and progressive pace and  enabling us to put together an interesting a diverse performance piece.

Our thanks to the co-ordinators and support staff for their help and assistance through out the project and we look forward to working with you again.

A HUGE thank you the the students for making our week fun, enjoyable and worth while.

If you have participated in this project or came to watch the final performance,  please leave a comment with any feedback you have – Thanks

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