Boldmere Infants (3rd year)

Project venue: Boldmere Infants School, Birmingham

Website link:
Contact at school: Nicki Bell
Project outline: Deliver a Bhangra discovery workshops to all classes from Nursery to year 2

Artist: Harvi

This was my third visit to the school and it’s always a very warm and loving place to come back to. Over the years I have built up a good relationship with the staff and even some of the children remember who I am! Most of them refer to me as ‘the Bhangra man’, but a few of them did remember my name too!

I was at the school three days this year and delivered Bhangra dance workshops to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

With Nursery and Reception we looked at the harvest story, using dance, music and song to tell the Bhangra Harvest story. The children responded very well to this especially the singing/shouting (can’t really decide which it was!), which ever they were doing it was full of energy and thoroughly enjoyed by all involved!

Year 1 and 2 were looking at Celebration movements using the engaging sound of the Dhol for rhythm. We had a lot of fun in all of the sessions, the children have a very healthy and infectious appetite for engaging in extra curricular activities.

On the last day I worked with a group of children who had been selected for their individual achievements, we worked on some modern Bhangra movements and put together a performance piece. It’s been another great year at Boldmere and I very much look forward to next time…

p.s. The teacher training day worked really well as the teachers Bhangra dancing skills were vastly improved from previous years ;-b lol

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