WOW Ashbourne

Project venue: WOW Ashbourne

Website link:
Contact person: Claire Brennan
Project outline: Deliver a Bhangra and Bollywood discovery workshop for the ‘Women on Wednesday’s’ (WOW) community group.

Artist: Harvi

After a manic week it was nice to end the week in the company of a lovely group of ladies. The ‘WOW’ group get together on a monthly basis to spend some quality ‘girl time’ together. Over the last year they have engaged in many activities and this was to be the last of the season, they wanted to end things with a Bang!

During the hour and a half I was there we looked at some Bhangra and Bollywood movements and put them together into a short routine. The ladies had a great time and although it was not the most comfortable room as it was very hot, we all enjoyed the evening and there was an amazing amount of energy in a very small space!

Thank you WOW for your love and hospitality and I look forward to working with you all again…

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