West Hill Primary School

Project venue: West Hill Primary School

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Contact at school: Clair Farish
Project outline: Deliver a Bhangra Music assembly at the start of the day and then Dhol workshops to year 5 & 6.

Artist: Harvi

Today was a very cold and grey day, but we managed to bring some magic Indian sunshine to West Hill Primary. Things got off to a great start with an interactive assembly, where most of the school got involved and we looked at the origins of Bhangra music. We demonstrated a few traditional instruments and we even had one brave teacher volunteer for a costume demonstration. I then delivered 4 Dhol workshops through the day to year 5 and 6 classes.

Both students and staff at the school were great to work with and very enthusiastic about the Dhol. The school obviously has a keen interest in music as the students were very quick to learn the Dhol beats and played them very well. The Headteacher even had a go at playing the Dhol during the lunch break (very impressed Sir).

A thoroughly enjoyable experience by all accounts! Thank you to all the staff and students for making my day an easy and enjoyable one, I look forward to working with you all again real soon.


One thought on “West Hill Primary School

  1. I loved doing the Dhol drumming, it was a great experience. I liked playing all the different rhythms and beats. My favourite part was when we got to play the Dhol Drum by ourselves. Before the workshop Harvi did an assembly. I was amazed when he played all sorts of different instruments. It was funny when Harvi dressed Mrs. Slater up in an Indian costume. During our workshop we had to work in pairs and play one side of the drum each. We then swapped over so we got to play the other side of the drum. After that we got to play the Dhol by ourselves. I was really good at playing the Dhol by myself. It was great fun. Thank you Harvi.


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